Algenist vs La Mer

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When it comes to high-end skin creams, you definitely get what you pay for. Stars and socialites alike love using brands like La Mer. It’s been said that Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, and others are a few of the women who use Creme de la Mer.

Meanwhile, you have Nicky Hilton, who has mentioned being a fan of Algenist products.

Both brands are quite popular among common people and celebs alike, but what makes them great? Coming up, we are going to compare and contrast the two brands, and then offer you an even better product you won’t believe the quality of!

Algenist Vs. La Mer

Stay with us to learn more.

La Mer: History and Where to Buy?

This product line can be bought by clicking here and checking out their stuff on Amazon. The product was created by a German doctor named Max Huber, who suffered a terrible burn whilst working on a rocket.  He spent over a decade working with Macrocystis Pyrifera, which is a species of kelp.

He crafted the kelp into a cream and used it to treat his wounds from the rocket until no scars remained. He called his creation MiracleBroth, put the cream into jars, and sold it himself.

The cream became a sensation via simple word of mouth. The cosmetic giant Estee Lauder bought the recipe from Huber’s daughter, and so far, it is one of the most popular skin creams ever.

Indeed, Huber really hit the nail on the head with this one. His original blend is part of all the Creme de la Mer jars sold today: Estee Lauder states that when new batches of MiracleBroth are created, they use one drop from a former batch.

This, in turn, creates a link back to the original formula. Estee Lauder also follows Huber’s kelp growth practices, such as exposing it to various types of light and sound, which he felt helped the potency of the plant.

What’s Special About Creme De La Mer?

It is a nourishing, hydrating cream, which also helps fill in lines and plump up the skin. It calms and soothes irritated skin. It is also great for the texture of our skin.

Algenist Vs. La Mer

You just take out a pea-sized amount and warm it between your fingers until it is transparent. Then, you press it onto your face and neck. This step is so important because it is the only way you will unleash all the benefits of the formula MiracleBroth, says Estee Lauder.

What Products Are Offered?

Aside from just selling the cream for your face, La Mer brand has exploded into a skincare giant, bringing lots of different products to the table for the whole body. They have sunscreens, body lotions, masks, and creams.

Creme de la Mer face cream is the bestseller, while the Eye Concentrate and Lip Balm come in at a close second place. All the products feel great once applied; they are all lightweight and quick to absorb into the skin if applied correctly.

What Are Creme De La Mer’s Ingredients?

MiracleBroth is the first and main ingredient you will find in Creme de la Mer. After that, Lime Tea, sesame oil, mineral oil, eucalyptus, and sunflower are ingredients you will find next.

Shea butter is part of the Moisturizing Soft Cream. If you buy the Creme de la Mer Cleansing Foam, you get tourmaline, sesame, and eucalyptus as part of the blend.

You can buy Creme de la Mer at Amazon or by visiting a fine department store such as Sephora, Nordstrom, or Neiman Marcus.

Does It Really Work?

Celebrities swear by it, but with celeb testimonies, you have to be careful. They could be paid to mention it during interviews and not really using it at all.

That being said, we don’t think that’s the case here. This stuff really feels excellent, and if you go and read regular customer reviews, they’re all positive. The cream has been around for decades, and even though it’s old, it just works.

That being said, the ingredients are really nothing special. Check out this UK Mail article, in which a cosmetic chemist discussed how easy it would be to create a Creme de la Mer blend using nothing except petrolatum, glycerin, Eucalyptus oil, and mineral oil.

Creme De La Mer: Could Clog Pores

Some beauty experts believe the cream is comedogenic. This means it may lead to clogging pores and breakouts.

The ingredients contained within are quite waxy and create a skin barrier meaning the stuff isn’t always absorbed as you would like it. Instead, it just sits on top of the skin.

So, Creme de la Mer is quite popular, but what about Algenist? Let’s look at it now.

Algenist Is A Non Comedogenic

We were delighted to learn that Algenist won’t clog your pores, as some experts believe the case with Creme de la Mer. This is good news because aside from their signature face cream, they have serums, eye treatments, primers, sun protectors, and much more.

The top three products offered by the brand include:

  • Genius Anti-Aging Cream- This helps lower the appearance of wrinkles on your face, improve the elasticity and vibrant nature of your skin, and eliminate fine lines as well.  It uses the special ingredient Alguronic acid to make it happen alongside microalgae oil. It helps the skin tighten up, get toned, and appear more youthful. You should apply this twice per day to really bring change for the better to your skin.
  • Setting Mist: This is a serum and a mist combined into one product. This setting spray is excellent for its hydrating and nourishing properties, and it only takes a few little spritzes here and there. It’s full of fruit and minerals, and it does a great job of locking moisture in while simultaneously offering users protection against the elements and setting your makeup. Your skin ends up looking fresh and beautiful all day.
  • Liquid Collagen by Algenist: This is plant-based collagen that is great for restoring the skin, strengthening it, and offering hydration to it as well. It’s full of great nutrients our skin needs, such as Vitamin E, an antioxidant, and Omega 3/6/9 fatty acids. The brand promises just ten days, and you will see improvement!

Ingredients of Algenist Products

Microalgae is the primary ingredient when it comes to these products. This is the reason why the brand offers a promise that it will take just ten days for you to see results!

Algenist Vs. La Mer

The Alguronic acid of the algae is what’s so special. It is the patented ingredient of the blend. It is sourced naturally, sustainable in its production, and used in every Algenist product.

The second-star ingredient is known as Microalgae oil. It is full of ingredients like oleic acid, tocopherols, and phytosterols.

These are great for replenishing the vibrancy of the skin, protecting it, and moisturizing it too.  It keeps the skin hydrated up to 5 times more after 24 hours as compared to untreated skin.

Where Can I Buy Algenist?

You can pick up Algenist by visiting your local fine beauty shop like Sephora or Ultra. You can click here to order from Amazon.

Other places in which Algenist products are sold include QVC and Nordstrom. Make sure you only purchase from one of these sources, as you run the risk of getting a counterfeit if you do not.

What Are Other Users Saying?

Users generally have positive things to say about the Algenist brand. You can check out reviews on Amazon and other authorized retailers for Algenist.

There, you will see that users rave about the improved skin texture they’ve attained, and how well the product actually applies to their skin.

It should also be noted that Algenist products are clinically tested to ensure their efficacy. Clinical reviews show the testers achieving results in as little as ten days, as promised by the brand.

Alternative to Creme De La Mer And Algenist

If you would like a great alternative to Creme de la Mer and Algenist products, look no further. These brands are great, and there’s no denying that.

Algenist Vs. La Mer

But if you could get a cream that works better and is more affordable, why not? This is where Skinception comes into play.

Skinception is a line of skincare products created by Dr. Dave David, and they do everything you could ever want and more in keeping you looking young and vibrant.

The product that caught our eye is the Stretch Mark Therapy Cream, which you can apply anywhere you like to reduce stretch marks and make you look and feel younger.

The cream can be applied to the:

  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks
  • Stomach
  • Breast
  • Thighs

How Does This Work?

There are four active ingredients in the blend.

The first one is Regestril. It offered an improvement on stretch marks in just two months of use. 13 women with post-pregnancy stretch marks used Regestril on their marks, and in only two months, the indentation, width, and color of the stretch marks were reduced.

Second, we have ProSveltyl. This ingredient contains a large dose of L’Isoaspartyl methyltransferase, which helps reduce skin irregularities and tighten up plus hydrate the skin.

Third, Pro Coll 0ne + helps boost the synthesis of collagen I, which is our body’s most common type of collagen. For this ingredient, a 56-day study took place, in which participants applied the ingredient two times per day. The roughness of the skin was reduced by 10%, and over 70% of participants noticed their skin looked and felt smoother.

Lastly, Darutoside is the ingredient we will cover next. This stuff helps reduce those stretch marks after merely four weeks of use. A four-week clinical study took place, in which volunteers applied the concentration two times a day.

In the end, the tissue restructured itself, and the following results were achieved:

  • Surface smoothness of skin increased by 14%
  • Streaks of stretch marks were reduced by 52%
  • Indentation was reduced by 55%
  • Irregularity was reduced by 52%

Where Can I Buy Skinception?

The best place to get your own jar of Skinception is by visiting the official website for the cream, by clicking here.

It’s best to buy only from the website. If that cream shows up anywhere else, chances are it is counterfeit. Much like other beauty products, you are always better off getting them at fine retailers, or in this case, right from the manufacturer.

Leading Edge Health is the parent company behind Skinception, and you’ve got nothing to worry about. All their products are made with ethics in mind at their cGMP facilities.

It’s a beautiful and safe way to get your skin looking and feeling youthful once more!

How Long till It Works?

It’s going to take a matter of just months. You will see a reduction in those stretch marks, no surgery, or scary procedures needed.

Two months is all you need to be exact. Simply keep up on your application of the product each and every day, and you will see improvement in your appearance.

The skin benefits happen quickly- immediately, you are going to feel and look more vibrant and youthful.

Aside from the health benefits, the cream itself is lightweight and has a pleasant smell to it.

What’s the Return Policy?

You are going to love the results that Skinception offers you, and the price is right, too! You get 90 days to try it out, and if you don’t like it, you can return the product during that period of time for a full refund, less the cost of shipping and handling.

We think you are going to be so pleased with the results that you won’t need that return policy!

Algenist Vs. La Mer

Wrap Up

There are so many skincare creams and products out there; it can be incredibly difficult to decide which one is best for you. For us, the answer is clear: Skinception, of course!

  • It’s affordable
  • It gets delivered to your door
  • You can get deals by posting photos of yourself with the jar
  • You will LOVE the results!

So, go give it a try. Besides, if you don’t like it, no problem- send it back for a refund. We don’t think you will need it, though! Stay beautiful and good luck!

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