Best Collagen Cream

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If you’re in the market for a collagen cream for your skin, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Just plug “collagen cream” into your search bar, and you’ll be inundated with dozens upon dozens of different creams. How are you supposed to pick the right one?

Luckily for you, we’ve gone ahead and scoured the internet for some of the best collagen creams currently available and compiled them right here into a handy list.

Best Collagen Cream

Why Is Collagen Vital for Your Skin Health?

If you’re wondering why collagen is such a big deal for your skin, there’s a very good reason for it.

Collagen is the most common type of protein in your body, and it is the main component of your connective tissues, which include not only your skin but also your tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

If you have a collagen deficiency, not only will your skin condition be not so great, but you’ll start experiencing symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain, and body aches.

So making sure you have enough collagen in your system is important!

Product Reviews

Today, we’ll be reviewing eight different collagen creams. When picking creams to review, we tried to look for the ones that seemed the most consistently popular.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the list!

XYZ Smart Collagen

First up, it’s XYZ Smart Collagen cream. This cream uses an all-natural vegan formula and has been tested on real women in order to really confirm its effectiveness. XYZ Smart Collagen promises that you’ll see considerable differences in your skin after just 12 weeks of using this cream.

XYZ Smart Collagen


XYZ Smart Collagen cream promises the following benefits:

  • Reduced wrinkles around the face and eyes
  • Lifts sagging skin and give definition to the contours of your face
  • Improves the firmness, elasticity, and density of your skin
  • Improves your skin texture and helps your skin look younger
  • Reduces the size and depth of stretch marks, making them far less noticeable

Key Ingredients

XYZ Smart Collagen cream has just one active ingredient: sap from the leaves of the Bulbine frutescens plant, native to South Africa.

What’s so great about this sap? Well, it contains two main compounds that do wonders to repair your skin and stop collagen from breaking down over time.

The first one of these compounds is acetylated polymannose. This compound is also found in aloe vera, and its purpose is to stimulate your skin cells to produce more collagen. It also helps repair damage to your skin.

The second compound is called knipholone. Knipholone slows the breakdown of your body’s collagen, and it helps support the process of forming new collagen by stopping your body from producing leukotriene, a compound that can cause your cells to produce too much collagen.

Too much collagen will leave your skin weak and inelastic, instead of nice and firm as you’d want.

How to Use

To use XYZ Smart Collagen cream, you should apply it two times a day. Make sure your skin is clean before putting it on.

When applying the cream, rub it over your entire face and neck area. Rub it in gently, and try to run your hands in a consistent direction. This will help your skin absorb the cream fully.

You can use this cream around your eye area, but be careful when applying it there. Avoid getting it on your lower eyelids or around your tear ducts.

If you want the best results possible out of this cream, you should try and avoid getting too much sun, since the sun is one of the biggest factors in causing your skin to age. If you’re going to be out and about in the sun, make sure to apply some sunscreen on your face after the cream dries.

Where to Buy

You can only get XYZ Smart Collagen cream from the official product website or from Amazon. In terms of pricing, it’s pretty decent when compared to some of the other collagen creams on this list, coming in around the lower mid-range area.

For actual prices and other information, you can get all that from the link below.

Kollagen Intensiv Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

We’ll take a look at Kollagen Intensiv Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream next. This is an all-in-one kind of cream that functions as a moisturizer, an anti-wrinkle cream, and a night cream.

Once more, the manufacturer of Kollagen Intensiv promises that you’ll see very noticeable results after about 12 weeks of use.


Here’s everything you get from using Kollagen Intensiv:

  • Helps your body naturally increase its production of collagen
  • Makes your skin firmer, thicker, and more toned
  • Lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Deeply moisturizes your skin
  • Helps repair age spots and sun damage

Key Ingredients

Unlike the previous collagen cream on this list, Kollagen Intensiv contains a fairly long list of various ingredients.

All of these ingredients help to increase your skin’s collagen production, fight off damage from free radicals, keep your skin moisturized, and reduce the effects of aging on your skin.

Here’s the complete list of everything in Kollagen Intensiv:

  • SYN-COLL (a branded peptide)
  • Palmitoyl oligopeptide
  • Shea butter
  • Soybean oil
  • Cyclopentasiloxane (an emollient)
  • Gluconolactone (a preservative derived from corn)
  • Glycerol
  • Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline
  • Tocopherol (an antioxidant)
  • Cucumber fruit extract
  • Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Hibiscus extract

How to Use

To use Kollagen Intensiv, just apply it twice daily to your face and neck, once when you get up in the morning and once before you go to bed.

The manufacturer doesn’t really provide any additional instructions for applying this cream, but presumably, the same things apply to this cream as they do to pretty much any others.

Avoid getting this cream in your eyes, and consider applying sunscreen afterward if you’re going to be outside.

Where to Buy

You can get Kollagen Intensiv from either the official product website or from Amazon. Price-wise, it’s right around the middle of the range of the other products on this list. You can also order multiple containers of Kollagen Intensiv at a time.

If you place a bulk order from the official website, you can be eligible for a discount.

To see the full range of prices, you can check out the official website and the Amazon page.

DERMA E Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer

Coming in next, we have DERMA E Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer. If you’re particularly interested in an anti-aging cream that uses all-natural ingredients, then look no further than this one right here.

DERMA E Advanced Peptide & Collagen MoisturizerBenefits

You can expect the following benefits from taking DERMA E:

  • Softens and smooths out deep wrinkles
  • Helps your facial muscles relax and stops the formation of new lines
  • Gives your skin tons of healthy nutrients
  • Uses an all-vegan, cruelty-free formula
  • Most affordable cream on this list


Key Ingredients

Despite its very long list of ingredients, DERMA E still manages to have a formula that is entirely vegan and free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, lanolin, and GMOs.

The formula contains peptides, in particular two known as Matrixyl Synthe’6 and Argireline. Peptides are chains of amino acids that have anti-aging properties on your skin.

For the sake of space, we can’t list every single ingredient that makes up DERMA E’s formula, but we can list some of the key ones:

  • Matrixyl Synthe’6
  • Argireline
  • Glycerin
  • Macadamia seed oil
  • Pine bark extract
  • Witch hazel extract
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Green tea leaf extract

How to Use

DERMA E should be used similar to other collagen creams on this list. Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying and apply DERMA E to your face and neck two times a day.

You aren’t restricted to just using DERMA E on your face. You can also use it on your hands, feet, elbows, knees, or any other part of your body that you wish to treat.

Where to Buy

DERMA E can be bought from Amazon. One advantage that DERMA E has over other creams on this list is that it’s by far the least expensive one of the lot. And since it’s proven to be effective at treating aging skin, this is probably among the best value for money of all the products here.

If you want to find out the exact price, you can check that out here:

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is one of the more popular creams on this list. It’s been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and help your skin look younger, and promises to deliver you results within 12 to 15 days, which is considerably less time than some of the other creams on this list.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Anti-wrinkle Day Cream, 1.6 Fl OzBenefits

ELEMIS is a pretty basic product, and it has a pretty basic list of benefits. Here’s what you get from using this collagen cream:

  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles
  • Firms up and hydrates your skin
  • Feels airy and light on your skin; doesn’t leave a greasy residue

Key Ingredients

ELEMIS gets its status as a “marine cream” because of its main active ingredient: padina pavonica. Padina pavonica is a type of algae found in the Mediterranean Sea, and its function is to provide a ton of moisturization to help your skin feel firm, supple, and elastic.

As well as padina pavonica, ELEMIS contains chlorella, another type of algae. Chlorella contains a whole bunch of different vitamins and nutrients and is beneficial to your health in many ways.

It also contains ginkgo Biloba, which has a variety of health benefits. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

ELEMIS also contains a couple of aromatic ingredients. These are mimosa, which has a delicate floral aroma and also has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. The second aromatic ingredient is rose, which has some calming properties.

This is basically the entire formula for ELEMIS, which makes it one of the simplest creams here.

How to Use

To use ELEMIS, measure out a pea-sized amount of the cream and rub it into your hands. When the cream has warmed up, gently smooth the cream out over your face and neck. Use ELEMIS once every morning for the best results.

Where to Buy

Unfortunately, ELEMIS’s effectiveness comes at a fairly hefty price, despite its simple formula. ELEMIS is easily the most expensive cream on this list. If you’re interested in finding out just how much it is, you can get this info from the Amazon page, and also buy this cream there if you decide you’d like to try it.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is marketed more as a moisturizer than as an anti-aging cream, although it is infused with collagen, so it will help you fight off wrinkles.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream 1.01 Ounce / 30ml Instant Turnaround MoisturizerDespite the fact that it’s a thick moisturizer containing ingredients like shea butter, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream promises that it won’t give you a case of acne by clogging up your pores


Here’s how you can benefit from using Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream:

  • Potent moisturizing properties stop your skin from drying out
  • Infused with collagen to help your skin fight wrinkles
  • Won’t clog your pores and make you break out

Key Ingredients

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream contains a blend of different ingredients designed to brighten and smooth out your skin, keep you hydrated and moisturized, soften your skin, all while delivering the light, calming fragrance of frangipani flowers.

The total list of ingredients is far too long to include here, so we’ll just give you the key ones:

  • Bionymph peptide
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Rosehip oil
  • Camellia oil
  • Shea butter
  • Aloe vera
  • Frangipani flower extract


How to Use

On the official Charlotte Tilbury website, they offer a helpful application technique that will let you apply Magic Cream in the most efficient way. Here’s how to apply this cream:

  1. Start from your lower cheeks and rub the cream up and out, avoiding your eye contours.
  2. Next, place your fingers under your cheekbones then move your fingers up and out along your cheekbones.
  3. From your chin, move your fingers up along your jawline to apply the cream to your lower face and neck.
  4. Finally, place your fingers on the center of your forehead, and massage in a circular motion out towards your temples.

Where to Buy

You can find Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream on the official website for the product or on Amazon. Price-wise, it’s not the most expensive collagen cream on this list, but it’s definitely in the upper mid-range.

If you want to check out the exact price or browse other products from this manufacturer, you can find all that here:

Murad Resurgence Rapid Collagen Infusion

Murad Resurgence Rapid Collagen Infusion - Anti-Aging Collagen Serum for Skin - Collagen Cream for Face and Neck Smooths and Visibly Minimizes Wrinkles, 1.0 Fl Oz

Murad Resurgence Rapid Collagen Infusion comes in a small bottle, but it has some big effects. It’s one of the fastest-acting collagen creams available and promises to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in as little as two hours after using.

Murad Resurgence can be used on any kind of skin, whether it’s dry, oily, or in normal condition.


Here are the benefits of using Murad Resurgence:

  • Extremely fast-acting formula means you don’t need to wait days to see changes
  • Has a topical filler-like effect that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles after one use
  • Keeps your skin moisturized and prevents dryness


Key Ingredients

Like the ELEMIS cream we previously talked about, one of the main active ingredients in Murad Resurgence is an algae extract.

It also contains winged kelp extract, which is rich in omega-3, -6, and -7 fatty acids. These help keep your skin hydrated and feeling supple.

Murad Resurgence also contains apricot oil, starflower oil, and papaya enzyme. It contains many other ingredients besides, but these ingredients listed above are the key ones.

How to Use

To use Murad Resurgence, make sure your skin is clean and then massage the cream in. You can use Murad Resurgence on your face, neck, and chest.

The manufacturer recommends following this up with an application of additional moisturizer.

Where to Buy

You can find Murad Resurgence on the official website for the product or on Amazon.

This cream is also placed in the upper mid-range of prices compared to the other collagen creams on this list, although you do get a much smaller bottle for your money. Make sure not to use more than the manufacturer recommends, so you don’t end up wasting it.

If you’re interested in finding out the exact price of Murad Resurgence, you can check it out below:

L’Oréal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler

This collagen cream comes to us from L’Oréal Paris, one of the top manufacturers of skincare and cosmetic products in the world.

Collagen Face Moisturizer by L'Oreal Paris Skin Care I Day and Night Cream I Anti-Aging Face Cream to Smooth Wrinkles I Non-Greasy I 3.4 Ounce (Packaging May Vary)Their Collagen Moisturizer Filler promises to deliver you fuller skin and reduced wrinkles within a few weeks of using it, and the best part is that you won’t break the bank to get these things.


Here are the benefits that L’Oréal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler can offer you:

  • Fills in wrinkles and lines, making your skin look smoother
  • Absorbs fast into your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy
  • Can be used as a daytime or a nighttime moisturizer
  • The least expensive collagen cream on this list


Key Ingredients

L’Oréal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler is another collagen cream with a hefty list of ingredients. Like other collagen creams, these ingredients are designed to moisturize your skin, help your body produce more collagen, and help you look younger by eliminating lines and wrinkles.

This is by no means an extensive list, but we’ll give you some of the key ingredients of this collagen cream below:

  • Glycerin
  • Shea butter
  • Beeswax
  • Soybean oil
  • Atelocollagen
  • Soluble collagen
  • Boswellia serrata extract
  • Tocopherol


How to Use

This collagen cream is about as easy to use as it gets. Simply massage it onto your face once or twice a day after making sure your skin is clean, and you’ll be good!

Where to Buy

L’Oréal Paris is a popular drugstore brand, so you’ll likely be able to find it at a physical location near you. Otherwise, you can order it online from Amazon.

Their Collagen Moisture Filler is by far the least expensive collagen cream on this list, despite the fact that it contains most of the same ingredients as far more expensive collagen creams.

If you want to find out the exact pricing, you can do so from the Amazon page:

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-In-One Gel

Last but certainly not least, we have DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-In-One Gel. This is another all-purpose type of collagen cream that hydrates, tones, and brightens your skin while healing damage from free radicals.

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-in-One GelIf you start using DHC Astaxanthin, you might not even need any other skincare products.


Here are all the benefits you get when you use DHC Astaxanthin:

  • Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • All-in-one formula helps tone, brighten, hydrate, and protect your skin as well as eliminating wrinkles and lines
  • Can be used as a daytime or a nighttime skin cream


Key Ingredients

Like some of the other collagen creams we’ve talked about, the list of ingredients in DHC Astaxanthin is fairly long.

The main active ingredient in this collagen cream is astaxanthin, a vitamin derived from certain types of algae. It’s said to be 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C, which is truly astonishing!

We’ll list some of the other key ingredients in this formula below:

  • Glycerin
  • Palm oil
  • Hydrolyzed collagen
  • Tocopherol
  • Hydrolyzed elastin
  • Placental protein


How to Use

Once more, this is an easy-to-use collagen cream that doesn’t really require any special instructions. Just make sure your face is clean and dry, then massage the cream into your face, making sure to apply it evenly.

Where to Buy

You can find DHC Astaxanthin on Amazon. It’s priced fairly reasonably, coming in around the lower mid-range of prices compared to the other collagen creams we’ve talked about.

If you want to find out the specific price and other info like the full list of ingredients, you can find all of that here:


It’s clear that there are a ton of different options for collagen creams out there. No matter what your price range is or what kind of ingredients you’re looking for in such a cream, rest assured you’ll be able to find at least one collagen cream that fits what you’re looking for.

With any luck, after reading this list, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right collagen cream for you and finally giving your skin that young, toned look you’ve been trying to achieve!

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