How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Fast

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Eye bags… those bits of unsightly, saggy skin hanging under your eyes. A minor cosmetic issue, to be sure, but one that many people want to be rid of, nonetheless.

Is there any way to get rid of eye bags that actually works? The answer to that is yes, several ways! And even better than that, most of them are things you can do easily by yourself without any additional materials or resources.

Keep reading to find out what exactly causes those annoying eye bags and what you can do to get rid of them quickly.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Fast

What Causes Eye Bags?

Lots of things cause dark circles and bags to form under your eyes, but there are a few main causes. These are usually aging, exposure to the sun, genetics, and allergies.

Your skin contains a substance called collagen, which is necessary for your skin’s structure and helps keep your skin smooth and firm. You have plenty of collagen when you’re younger. But as you get older, the collagen in your skin starts to break down naturally, making your skin look thinner and saggier.

Exposure to the sun makes the collagen in your skin break down even faster. Applying sunscreen consistently from a young age can do a lot to prevent the sun from causing damage to your skin later in life.

Genetics also play an important role in whether or not you’ll be more prone to developing eye bags (perhaps even the most important role). If your genetics cause you to have skin that is particularly fair or thin, then dark circles and eye bags are inevitably going to be more prominently visible on you.

Finally, allergies are often the cause of eye bags. If you have an allergy to dust, mold, or pollen, it can trigger your body to release histamines, compounds that cause a mild inflammatory response.

This response causes your blood vessels to swell up, including the ones under your eyes. When the blood vessels in your eyes become swollen, they begin leaking very small amounts of blood, which is what accounts for the dark color of the circles.

How to Get Rid of Baggy Eyes?

It’s worth noting that baggy eyes are not a serious issue in and of themselves, nor are they signs of any other serious issue. If you have eye bags, but they don’t bother you, then you have no obligation at all to deal with them if you don’t want to.

However, some people just don’t enjoy how eye bags look, which is totally fair. If you’re one of those people, fear not; there are many ways you can deal with eye bags.

Most of these methods are pretty easy to put into practice, but it may take a while for them to work, and some of them may not really work for you at all. Give it some time and experiment with one or more of these methods, though, and you’ll definitely find an effective one in the end.

Without any further ado, let’s get into some of the best ways to get rid of eye bags!

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important not just for your eyes, but for your whole body and mind. When you sleep, your body and mind get a chance to recuperate from the previous day’s activities and regenerate for even more activity.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Fast

The average adult needs at least eight hours of sleep a night to consider themselves fully rested. Getting enough sleep also ties into managing your stress levels, another factor that can affect whether or not you develop eye bags.

Sleeping on your back can also do a little bit to prevent you from getting eye bags since this prevents fluid from building up around your eyes due to gravity.

Manage Your Stress Levels

When you get stressed, your body produces cortisol. Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone, and its main function is to activate your body’s “fight-or-flight” instinct.

Your body needs cortisol for several of its other functions besides this, but too much cortisol in your system is not good. Aside from eye bags, too much cortisol can cause anxiety, depression, headaches, acne, trouble sleeping, and weight gain, among other things.

Your body’s cortisol levels decrease when you’re sleeping, so this is how getting enough sleep is inherently linked to keeping your stress levels down.

If you need other ways to decrease the stress levels in your life, you can try and get into calm, relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, or any other hobby that calms you down and puts you in a good mood.

Drink Plenty of Water

Fluid retention can sometimes be the cause of eye bags, but dehydration is also oftentimes the culprit. Not having enough water in your system can accentuate the effects of salt in your body, so while it may seem counterintuitive, drinking more water can actually help you retain less fluid overall.

If this seems confusing, don’t worry; we’ll explain it a bit more in the next tip.

Watch Your Sodium Intake

Controlling your sodium intake is connected in many ways with how much water you drink. Let’s break down exactly how this works.

When you eat something with a lot of salt in it, you’re obviously increasing the total amount of salt in your body. However, you’re not supposed to have too much salt in your system, so your body will attempt to self-regulate its sodium levels.

Your body does this by sending fluid to the various parts of itself where the salt is in the largest amounts, with the intent of flushing the salt out of your system. If you don’t have enough fluid to do this, then it results in red, puffy eyes.

Drinking lots of water with a salty meal can help your body flush out more of the salt to begin with, lessening the appearance of eye bags.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is probably even worse than salt when it comes to making you dehydrated. You’ve probably noticed this yourself if you’ve ever had a few drinks one night and then found yourself having to use the bathroom every five or ten minutes.

How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Fast

If you’re planning on going out for drinks anytime soon, make sure to drink plenty of water at the same time, and try to limit yourself to just a couple of drinks if you can. If you’re trying to prevent eye bags, you’ll definitely thank yourself later if you don’t drink too much.

Cold Cucumber Slices

Surely, you’ve seen the cold cucumber method being used at one point or another. You may have been wondering what on earth cucumber slices over the eyes is even used for, or whether or not it’s even effective at whatever it’s intended for.

Well, to answer both of those questions: cucumber slices are used for eliminating eye bags, and yes, they totally work!

Cold cucumber slices are effective at getting rid of eye bags because they have mild astringent properties, which helps tighten up the skin around where the slices are placed.

Any kind of cold compress will help to alleviate eye bags, not just cold cucumbers. In fact, you can even use chilled green tea bags, which are particularly good for eye bags because green tea has anti-inflammatory properties.

Alternative Treatments

The methods listed above are all just things you can do at home to try and get rid of eye bags. If you’re in the market for a specific product for this purpose, here are some of the best alternatives to home remedies.


The first product we’ll be going over is Eyelasticity by Skinception. This product comes in the form of a cream, and it’s specifically designed to improve the health of the skin around your eyes.

Eyelasticity promises to not only eliminate eye bags and dark circles, but it also reduces crow’s feet and thickens up your skin. The manufacturer promises results beginning around four weeks.

Eyelasticity’s formula includes peptides, antioxidants, muscle relaxants, and ingredients intended to increase your body’s collagen production.

Eye Secrets Collagen & Q10

Next up, we have Eye Secrets Collagen & Q10 gel patches. These come in the form of a patch you place under your eyes, which releases active ingredients over time.

The active ingredients in this patch are glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and nicotinamide. Glycerine helps keep your skin hydrated by attracting water to the surface layers of your skin, and the hyaluronic acid helps your skin preserve its moisture levels.

The nicotinamide also helps your skin retain more moisture. This patch is also infused with collagen.

Cedlize Under Eye Collagen Patch

Finally, we have another under-eye patch designed for treating eye bags. This one is manufactured by Cedlize.

Cedlize Under Eye Collagen Patch, 24K GOLD ANTI-AGING MASK, Pads For Puffy Eyes & Bags, Dark Circles and Wrinkles, With Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrogel, Deep Moisturizing Improves Elasticity, 30 PAIRSThe Cedlize patch is very similar to the Eye Secrets patch, as both patches contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen. The main difference between these two patches is that the Cedlize patch is far less expensive.

Get Rid of Eye Bags for Good!

Eye bags might not be a health risk, but they certainly don’t look all that great. Luckily, if you’re in need of a way to get rid of pesky eye bags, there are tons of things you can do at home by yourself to help.

And even if those things don’t work for you, there are tons of great products out there that can tighten up the skin around your eyes and eliminate those eye bags with ease.

You might have to shop around a little to find the right one for you, but hopefully, we’ve made it a little bit easier for you by giving you this info.

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