How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

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It’s not uncommon to find your thick, voluminous extensions tangle up every now and then. This can happen regardless of how cheap or costly your extensions are. After prolonged use, you may even find that your extensions start to fall off piece by piece when you attempt to remove them.

Even though there are a few safe ways to remove eyelash extensions yourself, this can often be a tricky process. You may not be able to remove them with the myriad techniques offered by YouTubers and bloggers.

Experts claim most of these are bogus and can do more harm than good. So what do you do instead?

Well, in the following section, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you safely remove your eyelash extensions.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

Here are a few things you can do to remove your eyelash extensions at home but bear in mind that this is by no means a comprehensive list.

Wait It Out

Eyelash extensions usually shed on their own through your natural lash cycle. In this method, your focus should be on caring for your eyelashes, not plucking your extensions.

Yes, waiting for them to grow out can make them look tangled, but this will dissipate quickly enough. The process of allowing your eyelash extensions to shed through your natural lash cycle will take around six to eight weeks.

In the meanwhile, make sure you apply a thick conditioner and brush them with a spoolie every day to help prevent tangles. A conditioner for your eyelashes will usually come in the form of a serum, so look for these.

Take A Shower

Yes, you heard that right – taking a nice, hot shower can actually help remove your eyelash extensions. This method is most effective when your lash adhesive has yet to set properly. However, it can be effective when it’s dried out as well.

The hot steam from the shower will help loosen the extension glue. The glue doesn’t react well to heat and moisture, so exposing it to these will really loosen the lashes and get them out. It may take more than one hot shower for you to see the actual results here.

This is especially true if your extensions are expensive. Why? Expensive extensions would mean good quality glue, which won’t wash off easily.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

Apply Oil Before Bedtime

You can use either coconut oil or castor oil to help loosen your lash extensions. You can use an old (but clean) mascara wand to apply the oil onto your lashes. Make sure you take your time to do this carefully and pay enough attention to coating each and every extension.

See to it that your lashes don’t clump and brush them out carefully to separate them. Remember: you have to use the oil along your lash line. This overnight treatment can significantly help dissolve the adhesive glue used to bind your extensions.

Don’t let the oils enter your eye and rinse out immediately if they do. While neither of these oils is particularly harmful, you may want to take precautions all the same. Also, you may want to note here that, more often not, castor oil is more effective than coconut oil when it comes to removing lash extensions.

Use A Good Makeup Remover

While you should use a makeup remover whenever you put on makeup anyway, this is especially important if you have lash extensions. Your lash technician would likely have mentioned this to you when you were getting the extensions done.

You’d want to use a good quality, oil-based makeup remover to see the best results here. The glycols contained in makeup removing solutions are shown to be effective at dissolving the adhesive glue.

So, it follows that using an oil-based cleanser will help weaken the hold of the glue with just one use.

It’s not necessary to have makeup on to use a makeup remover; you can use one even if there’s nothing on your face apart from your eyelash extensions.

Use An Eyelash Extension Remover

If you don’t want to rely on a simple makeup remover, you can use an eyelash extension remover as well. These are typically in the form of gels and are designed to help loosen the adhesive glue and get your extensions out.

Though there are many such products available today, one of the best ones out there is the Stacy’s Lash Gel Remover. This gel works in about 60 seconds to dissolve your lash adhesive, making it a quick and effective solution. This gel works on even the strongest eyelash extension glues.

This gel is very easy to use and gentle on the skin. You needn’t be an expert to remove your eyelash extensions with the help of this gel.

Stacy Lash offers you a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your results. For more details on pricing, etc., you can click the button below.

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Do Not Pick Your Lashes

No matter what you do, avoid forcing your lash extensions out. You could well damage your natural lashes in the process. If you’ve tried using a makeup remover or any other method that hasn’t been effective enough, it can get tempting to just pluck them out.

You’ll end up with glaring bald spots along your lash line if you try doing this. Pulling out your lashes by the roots could also result in follicle damage, which is often irreversible. Bear this in mind before you reach out for that pair of tweezers.


To remove eyelash extensions is not the most straightforward task there is. You could end up damaging your natural lashes in this process, which may as well be the last thing you want here. Instead, you’ll have to be extra gentle while trying out any of the methods we’ve listed above.

A few of the methods we’ve listed above may even seem unorthodox, but this doesn’t mean they’re ineffective. You may have to try more than one of the methods to figure out what works best for you.

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