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The skin on your face is delicate and easily prone to signs of aging- more so the skin around your eyes, which is more delicate and sensitive.

Therefore, it’s important that you seek the right products to keep away the fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles that might make you look decades older.

In this review, we’ll take a look at some products from Perricone MD that you can use on your delicate eye area and face to remove blemishes and promote a bright complexion.

Read on to find out whether this is an ideal brand for your skincare. We’ll also look at an alternative that you can use for better results.

Perricone MD: Overview

Perricone MD was founded by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a board-certified nutrition specialist. This brand has been around for about two decades and provides skincare products backed by clinical research and consumer studies.

Their formulations use antioxidants and nutrients that naturally improve skin health and address fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, and uneven skin texture and tone.

The brand has a rating of 3.9 stars on Trustpilot, with many past customers praising the exceptional customer service.

Tarsem has been using Perricone MD products for over 7 years and claims that the excellent customer service has built loyalty towards the brand.

Most negative reviews contain complaints about shipping issues, such as delays.

Gael Baki complains of a delayed order and products arriving while damaged. However, they note that customer service was able to provide assistance in a satisfactory manner.

You can check more of the brand’s reviews here.

1.   Perricone MD Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione Eyelid Lift Serum

Perricone MD Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione Eyelid Lift Serum 0.5 fl oz

Dull, sagging eyelids can make you look older than you are. This eyelid lift serum is a product you can use to firm them up and revitalize their appearance.

It is a fast-absorbing, lightweight serum that applies evenly on your eyelid and eliminates uneven skin texture.

By firming up your skin, it leads to the reduction of fine lines, creases, and wrinkles around your eyes. It can also minimize the appearance of under-eye dark circles by restoring your skin’s moisture balance.

This serum contains ingredients that provide vital skin-nourishing nutrients that promote hydration, tone evening, and boost collagen production.

All these put together means that your eyelids become more radiant, youthful, and healthy with repeated uses of this serum.

In addition, applying this product on your eyelids will make sure that your makeup stays on for longer.


These are the main ingredients in this serum:

Vitamin F Blend – This product contains a vitamin F blend made up of flaxseed, macadamia, and chia seeds that repair the skin’s moisture barrier and restore suppleness.

Acyl-Glutathione – Glutathione is a main antioxidant in the body that protects the skin from damage and contains nourishing amino acids.


  • Firms up sagging eyelids.
  • Supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier, helping with hydration.
  • It minimizes the appearance of creases, wrinkles, and fine lines around the eyes.
  • It restores radiance and suppleness to eyelids.

How to Use?

Apply a small amount on your ring finger and gently pat the serum onto your eyelid. You can use this in the morning and evening to optimally boost the restoration of your lids. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

2.   Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Eye Cream

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Eye Cream 0.5 Oz

If you’re dealing with five of the main facial signs of aging around your eyes, this eye cream could be ideal for you. It deals with fine lines, puffiness, crow’s feet, dark circles, and sagging skin.

Therefore, if you’re dealing with any of these around your eyes, you could find help using this cream.

This multi-tasking cream helps smoothen uneven skin texture, lift skin, and brighten the dull appearance. It also rids of dark circles and puffiness that make you look older.

It’s able to do this by providing hydration to the skin and removing damaged skin tissue. It also boosts the production of elastin and collagen fibers, which are responsible for maintaining a strong skin structure.

If you have dry skin, the moisturizing effect of this cream will help to get rid of crow’s feet and fine lines.


Omega Fatty Acids – It contains omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids that improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Copper Tripeptides  – These boost the production of elastin and collagen, help to get rid of dead skin tissue, and even the skin tone.

Other ingredients in this product include jojoba esters, sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, and rosemary leaf extract.


  • It’s a multi-tasker that addresses five signs of aging commonly found around the eyes.
  • Boosts the skin’s moisture barrier, which helps to keep it firm and fixes dryness.
  • Enhances the production of structural fibers that keep the skin looking young and healthy.
  • It minimizes the appearance of dark circles and puffiness in the eye area.

How to Use?

Gently pat a small amount of this cream to your eye area using your ring finger. Apply in the morning and evening for better chances of skin restoration.

3.   Perricone MD High Potency Classics: Face Finishing & Firming Moisturizer

Perricone MD High Potency Classics: Face Finishing & Firming Moisturizer 2 oz

It is a nourishing ultra-hydrating moisturizer, which is ideal for mature skin. It contains powerful antioxidants and nutrients that support skin health and promote a radiant appearance.

If you’re looking for a product that can provide instant hydration to your skin, this is a great product to consider.

It can firm up your skin and make it plumper, leaving you with a brighter complexion. The ingredients utilized in this product also have protective benefits for your skin.

Your skin will not be as vulnerable to sun damage or environmental stressors that accelerate aging.

This moisturizer can also help diminish discoloration and scars through its hydrating, protective, restorative, and healing properties.


Key ingredients in this moisturizer are:

DMAE – This works by lifting sagging skin and protecting it from environmental aggressors. It keeps skin cells from aging and also has hydrating properties.

Kukui Nut Seed Oil – Kukui nut seed oil is rich in nutrients that hydrate the skin and reduce dryness.


  • Hydrates the skin, which makes it firmer.
  • It promotes a radiant complexion and minimizes the appearance of dark circles.
  • It helps to lighten discoloration on the skin.
  • It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

How to Use?

After cleaning your face, massage this moisturizer on your skin in an upward motion. Use it in the morning and evening for the best results.

A Better Alternative: Kollagen Intensiv

A better alternative to boost your skin’s hydration and strength is Kollagen Intensiv. It is a product that has been clinically proven to improve the skin in various ways when used regularly for several months.

It contains ingredients that lock in moisture, keeping the skin radiant and firm. It improves texture and tone, leaving you with a more even complexion and a smooth face.

Kollagen Intensiv boosts collagen production in the skin, which helps reverse the signs of aging and promotes a youthful appearance.

It causes the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines that appear when your skin loses moisture and collagen.

Kollagen Intensiv contains a blend of clinically studied ingredients that enhance your skin’s natural renewal process and helps it heal faster from damage.

In a study where participants applied this product twice for 84 days, the appearance of wrinkles was reduced by up to 354%. Skin texture also improved significantly, by 201%.


Kollagen Intensiv contains a number of natural moisturizing factors that lock in moisture in the skin. This keeps it hydrated and supple, enhancing a radiant appearance.


  • Supports the natural production of collagen in the skin, leading to a firmer skin structure.
  • It helps lock in moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated.
  • It diminishes the signs of sun damage to the skin.
  • Significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Reduces puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet that age your eyes.

How to Use?

Apply gently to your eye area after cleansing. Use twice in the evening and morning.

4.   Perricone MD Prebiotic Acne Therapy 90 Day

Perricone MD Prebiotic Acne Therapy 90 Day

Have you been struggling with frequent acne breakouts that never disappear? This acne therapy could be what you need.

It can solve both mild and troublesome acne, leaving you with a smoother complexion and a rejuvenated skin.

It is a 2-step regimen that you can use daily without the risk of irritation. And unlike other acne products, it doesn’t strip your skin or dry it out.

The first product to use in this system is the Gentle & Soothing Cleanser that fights bacteria that cause acne. It can be used night and day to clear pores, reduce excess oil, and remove dead cells that clod pores leading to acne.

For step-2 of this acne therapy, there’s the Calming Treatment & Hydrator to use in the mornings. It is a lightweight lotion that kills acne-causing bacteria while hydrating the skin.

Retinol Treatment & Moisturizer is the third product that completes this acne therapy. It makes up the 2nd step too and is for use during the night.

It contains a combination of ingredients that exfoliate the skin and promote restoration while you sleep.


The main ingredient in all the products used for this acne therapy is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin by dissolving dead cells that clog pores.

By clearing up the pores, it prevents acne breakouts and keeps your skin free of whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.


  • Dissolves dead skin cells and keeps them from settling in the pores, preventing acne breakouts.
  • Improves radiance of the skin by removing the layer of dead tissue that cause a dull appearance.
  • Maintains a clear and blemish-free skin appearance.
  • Removes excess oil from the skin surface without drying it out.

How to Use?

Use the Gentle & Soothing Cleanser to clean your face, both in the morning and evening. During the day, follow it up with the Calming Treatment & Hydrator. At night, use the Retinol Treatment & Moisturizer for the second step.

Apply all products on your face gently without tugging your skin, and avoid direct contact with your eyes.

5.   Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening Amine Face Lift 2

Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening Amine Face Lift 2 Oz

This facelift product from Perricone MD contains vitamin C ester that can brighten your face and eliminate blemishes such as dark spots.

It’s a lightweight serum with gentle exfoliating properties that clear the skin and leave it looking more radiant.

It contains antioxidants that fight aging and keep the skin firm, maintaining an even texture and tone.

With consistent use, this serum will tighten your skin, plump it up, and improve its elasticity. This is possible because besides getting rid of dark spots, it also enhances collagen production, the main structural protein in the skin.

This serum also has anti-inflammatory ingredients that minimize signs such as puffiness and skin redness.

Overall, this is a product that’ll make your skin tighter, more firm, and brighter with less blemishes.


Vitamin C Ester – This is a stable form of vitamin C that is quickly absorbed into the skin. It’s less irritating than the original vitamin because it’s not easily broken down before penetrating into the skin.

It has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from damage and stimulate collagen production.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid – AHA acts as an exfoliating agent that removes old skin tissue, leaving behind a brighter complexion. It increases the production of collagen, boosts blood flow, and prevents acne breakouts.


  • It improves skin elasticity.
  • It reduces dark spots.
  • Exfoliates the skin, brightening its appearance.
  • It promotes blood circulation and collagen production on the skin’s surface.

How to Use?

Apply to your face and neck after cleansing. Use gentle, upward motions and wait until it’s fully absorbed before using a moisturizer.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid, one of the key ingredients, increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Therefore, apply sunscreen if you’re going out in the sun after using this product.


Perricone MD has a skin product for every skin type and for various signs of aging that could be bothering you.

Before deciding on which one to use, we urge you to check reviews by previous customers to find out whether it can work well for your skin type and condition.

While using these products, be careful not to apply directly to your eye areas, which can cause irritation.

If you notice that a product is not improving your condition or is causing side effects, it’s best to stop using it and look for a better alternative. But if it’s working, keep using it for as long as possible to get the best results.

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